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4 Toorak Avenue, Taren Point, New South Wales 2229, Australia
Tap to call 02 9531 6580
- Aus Motorcycle Rental 4 Toorak Avenue, Taren Point, New South Wales, 2229, Australia 02 9531 6580
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Aus Motorcycle Rental.

Taren Point, Sydney.


Aus Motorcycle Rental is part of the Sydney Performance Motorcycle pty ltd group.

For over a decade SPM has operated as a motorcycle workshop in Southern Sydney.

Servicing all Japanese brands, SPM has built a strong customer base including NSW Police force, Motorcycle response team and the NSW Ambulance service.


Now also home base for Aus Motorcycle Rentals.


For more info:

Sydney Performance Motorcycles

4 Toorak Avenue

Taren Point

NSW 2229

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